For Effective Responsible Economic remote management of oil and gas assets

A purpose-built system of sensors and communication Designed specifically for legacy oil operations

Electric Current Sensor

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Autonomous Leak Detector

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Pipe Temperature Sensor

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REVIVAL'S smart system

Multiple wireless sensors monitor wells 24/7

Continuous autonomous leak detection



Multiple wireless sensors monitor wells 24/7

Wireless communication between sensors and Base Station allows monitoring of all risk points on a site.

Instant notification

Our mobile application will automatically alert operators and authorized personnel of any leaks or events causing a risk to your site and eliminates data vacuums between inspections.


Battery operated, operator installed, allows implementation anywhere on site with no electrician required.

Environmental Stewardship

THE REVIVAL Solution - Built to mitigate environmental risk, reduce GhG emissions and improve safety to help companies meet regulatory compliance and reach their ESG goals.

Increase Productivity

Why visit the site when the site can visit you? Optimize production, lower OPEX and create more effective responsibilities for field personal.

No Upfront Fees

Our affordable solution is subscription based requiring no need to purchase costly equipment.

No Data Vacuums

Anywhere . Anytime. All the time. A failsafe strategy to eliminate lengthy data vacuums between visits or remote visual inspections.

Affordable, reliable, real-time remote well monitoring

The mobile app

with push notifications

The REVIVAL Mobile App reports the status of your wellsite’s critical functions 100x per day. REVIVAL’s range of proprietary sensors detects and sends alerts and alarms directly to the operator’s mobile device, specifying the type of incident, the time, and the location, keeping a history of each monitored well’s performance. The App can send and receive internal messaging for direct communication with field crew. The App also provides simple, step by step instructions to guide the installation and connection of the sensors.

REVIVAL Analytics Web Portal

The web portal


Designed for administrative use, the REVIVAL web portal manages access to the system and provides reports and analytics. Easily upload well lists and attach responsibilities

About us

Driven by real life data and experiences

Our team brings together experience in operations of new and legacy oil and gas properties, at the field and management levels. Combined with our expertise in technology, we have built a unique solution that delivers critical real time oilfield data, anywhere, anytime, all the time, positioned to meet the demands of the digital oilfield.

Legacy Oil Field Sensors System

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