Revival analytics

The System

An economic, purpose-built system of sensors and communication, designed by operators specifically for legacy oil operations.
REVIVAL Analytics Well Monitoring System

REVIVAL’s proprietary Sensor Hub transmits data wirelessly to a Base Station using advanced, low-power, long-range, communications technology.

When an incident is detected, the Base Station sends an alert to the Cloud which communicates with REVIVAL’s Mobile App notifying the Field Operator.


Continuous autonomous leak detector (CALD)

The Continuous Autonomous Leak Detector (CALD) is a proprietary design which measures the presence of formation fluids. No visual confirmation is required.

Continuous Autonomous Leak Detector


base station

The Base Station is an internally developed proprietary Gateway which collects data from the Sensor Hubs and sends that data to the Cloud. The Base is normally located outside of the Explosive Zone at a well and is also used to measure ambient temperature for input into the leak sensor algorithms.
The Base Station


sensor hub

The Sensor Hubs collect data generated by a series of internal and external sensors and transmit the data to the Base Station up to 150 meters away.  The Sensor Hubs are Certified Intrinsically Safe for Hazardous Locations and can be placed anywhere on a site.

The Sensor Hub

* Tank Level and Pressure Sensors under development


Pipe Temperature Sensor

Pipe Temperature Sensor

Connected to a Sensor Hub, the sensor measures flowline temperatures to allow the system to alert the Operator to anomalous conditions.


Electric Current Sensor

This sensor provides constant measurement and early alerts to issues such a sanding off, broken rod strings and motor function.

Electric Current Sensor


Mobile App & Desktop Portal

REVIVAL Analytics Web Portal

The Mobile App was designed by field operators, and displays only the most critical information:

The Desktop Portal does everything the Mobile App does, plus it allows the Administrator to easily manage the REVIVAL system, including:

Case study

Continuous Autonomous Leak Detection In Action

A. The challenge

leak detection at an indoor injector well

injection wells

Legacy oil wells often produce up to 99% toxic water. The oil and water are separated on the surface, and the water is reinjected into the geologic formation where it was sourced from. Disposal is among the riskier processes in the oil production business, since formation water contains a variety of heavy metals, sometimes sulphur and most often, salt. Injector wells operate under high pressures and pump very large volumes of fluids back into the disposal reservoir.

the risks

Well-informed operation of injectors is critical to minimizing the impact on the environment. Should a high pressure well or pipe leak, it is very possible that fluids will migrate off lease, perhaps even into water bodies. Off lease contamination is a costly and devastating event.

the requirements

Our customer required low-cost, real time leak detection of a produced water injection site, located within a steel building and not visible to passers-by or to a camera.

Indoor Injector Well
Indoor Injector Well

B. The solution

revival's autonomous, wireless, battery operated leak detectors

Continuous Autonomous Leak Detector (CALD)
REVIVAL Analytics Base Station

The sensors monitor conditions every 10 seconds, and an algorithm correlates the data to assess conditions. This data is communicated wirelessly to a Base Station, located outside of the building.

To allow for constant monitoring without operator involvement or line of sight, REVIVAL installed two sets of Explosive Zone Compliant Autonomous Leak Detectors inside the building, each with a pair of leak and temperature sensors.

C. The Benefit

when a spill did occur

The chart shows the results generated on an actual leak at an injector site in the field. The injector is located in a steel building, invisible to a passer-by or a camera.

Chart of a Leak Detection

REVIVAL’s proprietary Continuous Autonomous Leak Detection system, gives you the confidence that you are responsibly mitigating costly environmental incidents.

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