The Benefits

Immediate & measurable

Reduced Costs & Higher Revenues

REVIVAL is designed to protect your most important assets, all while saving time and money.

Less risk & Improved ESG

The REVIVAL Continuous Autonomous Leak Detection system mitigates environmental risk through real time alerts of leaks.

Our wireless sensor technology provides simple, quick installation and coverage of all points of risk on a site.
Core to REVIVAL’s technology is the ability to quickly detect and report leaks with no operator involvement or line of sight required.

A look at our benefits

the economics

immediate benefits

Optimized Production

Reduce costly downtime with insights on your well’s health by using REVIVAL’s remote monitoring and reporting solution.

Improved Economics

Why visit the site when the site can visit you? REVIVAL’s wireless remote monitoring and reporting delivers critical data to your mobile phone when needed most.

Continuous autonomous leak detection

Alerts you when there is a leak

Minimize the environmental impact and cost of a leak. REVIVAL's range of wireless remote monitoring sensors alert you when there is a leak and where there is a leak, directly to your mobile device. No need for operator involvement or visual confirmation.

Remote monitoring

Addresses all physical points of risk

Stay connected and reduce costly daily site visits. Minimize downtime by addressing all physical points of risk. REVIVAL delivers critical data to your mobile device eliminating long periods of data silence. Have the peace of mind and assurance that you’ll know what you need to know when you need to know it.

Detailed reports

Gain actionable insights

Using REVIVAL to monitor the status of your legacy wells gives you actionable insights to critical data. REVIVAL’s suite of reports graph data in real-time for every incident the sensor hubs detect.

subscription based

No upfront capital

Get started quickly. The complete REVIVAL solution requires no upfront capital or equipment purchases. The monthly fee for service pricing model allows for quick and affordable implemenation across multiple sites.

Easy to install

Start quickly

Our wireless, battery operated cloud based technology makes installing and operating the REVIVAL network of sensor hubs and base station easier, safer and more affordable than current wired systems. Sensors can be located anywhere on the site with few restrictions.

the environment

immediate benefits

Improved ESG

With the REVIVAL’s proprietary Continuous Autonomous Leak Detection system, you can be confident that you are responsibly mitigating costly environmental incidents.

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